Living for Christ, Loving the Community

Ministries Descriptions

A ministry who's mission is to disciple and equip the men of Calvary in their roles as men of God, whether married, single, older, younger. We seek to provide a venue for modeling the life of Christ to men. We seek to do this through teaching, fellowship, and service; providing opportunity for fostering spiritual friendships and developing relationships, so that men can grow in conformity to Christ, specifically in their roles as men.
A Ministry that exists to bring glory to God through all we do, focusing 5 areas of the Christian life: Evangelism, Prayer, Fellowship, Bible Study, Discipleship. The Sister of Worth Ministry at FRBC is for all women - no matter your age, background or life stage. We want to meet ladies right where they are and come along side them - encouraging, supporting, praying and equipping them in their journey with God. We want to grow our faith and demonstrate His love and grace through our lives and relationships. We want deeper, Christ-centered relationships with each other through women's small groups, prayer meetings, fellowships and mentoring.  We want to encourage and equip women to faithfully and fully use their God-given gifts to glorify God.  As we worship and serve the Lord together, we want every woman to feel loved and accepted for who she is in Christ so that she is transformed and empowered to live out Christ's love and grace.
A ministry geared toward college students and young adults ages 18 and up. Our desire is to support and motivate young adults to develop their personal relationships with Jesus Christ so that they may know Him on a deeper level. We accomplish this through a combination of fellowship, study of the Word of God, and fun!
A ministry focused on motivating, encouraging, and educating youth ages 13-18 in their personal walk and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Our desire is to minister and equip them with the Word of God so that are able to deal with the issues of life, and include Christ in every aspect of their lives.
A ministry intended to train our children ages 5-12 in the ways of the Lord, teach them how to live by the Word of God, and ultimately develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our hope is that they will be equipped and ready to impact their families, friends, and communities for the cause of Christ!
A ministry that serves to support the vision of First Rock Baptist Church through all aspects of technology. We research, develop, train, implement, and manage technological services in order to insure FRBC and its subsequent ministries are able to function with increased efficiency and effectiveness in order to impact families, friends, and communities for the cause of Christ.
A ministry dedicated to worshipping the Lord through the art of dance. We seek to glorify God in all aspects of our lives and praise dancing is another way in which we desire to please God. Psalm 150:4 tells us to praise Him with the timbrel and dance!
A ministry responsible for setup, maintenance, coordination, and use of the church’s audio, visual, and lighting technology used during services and for other special on-and-off site events. The ministry’s mission is to glorify God by ensuring that the Gospel is seen and heard clearly, without distraction or interference, within our local church and throughout the world.
A ministry of men and women aiming to provide the safest environment possible for FRBC members and their guests during the times we meet. While we are not a replacement for law enforcement officers, we keeps an open and cautious eye to unusual activity.
A ministry intended to encourage all students (kindergarten and beyond) to pursue the highest level of excellence in their academics. To this end, we provide financial assistance to enhance the ability of students to achieve their academic goals and develop skills needed for the future. Scholarships and awards are presented throughout the year to qualified students who are members or in the FRBC community.
A ministry of committed individuals using their God-given talents in a selfless manner to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, encouraging believers in their walk with Christ, and prepare the congregation through song for the preaching of the Word on Sundays.