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August 13th WIN Ward 7 Virtual Action RSVP

Join Ward 7 residents, clergy, and lay leaders of the Washington Interfaith Network to Build a Just Agenda Together!

Time and time again, Ward 7 residents have voiced their justified anger around real inequities we see in our Ward. Through neighborhood listening, WIN’s Ward 7 leadership has identified priorities that include:

  • Violence prevention
  • Affordable housing
  • Public housing renovations
  • Family sustaining jobs
  • Grocery store access

What else do you want to fight for?

We know that development is rapidly expanding East of the River. Ward 7 is home to some of the largest undeveloped land parcels left in the city, including the Reservation 13/Hill East site, the former home of DC General. The Deputy Mayor for Economic Development announced this week that phase 2 of Hill East redevelopment is beginning. We don’t want to watch the land, resources, jobs, and benefits go to the highest bidder chosen by corporate interests. We want to continue to build power in Ward 7 and citywide to act upon community interests.

To organize and act on these and other priorities, WIN’s Ward 7 leaders are inviting all Ward 7 residents and congregants to a virtual action over Zoom to build power behind a bold agenda for justice in Ward 7.

WIN Ward 7 Virtual Action: Building a Just Agenda Together

Who: Ward 7 residents, clergy, and lay leaders.

When: Thursday, August 13th, 7:00-8:15 p.m.

What: A virtual gathering to build and act upon a just agenda together that speaks to the interests of Ward 7 communities, including safety, housing, jobs, health, and more.

Why: to build power and act behind an agenda of priorities that speak to the interests of Ward 7 communities.  

You can register for the Zoom call below: